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5 Ways to Enhance Your Yard With Low Fences

Fences are often thought of as a means of keeping others out of your yard — or keeping children and pets in. The decorative benefits of fencing are seen as a secondary byproduct of their function, but it does not have to be this way.
Fences, particularly low fences, can be used primarily for landscaping purposes. Their low height won't keep the neighbors from peering in or keep the dog from jumping out, but that's perfectly okay because the low fence exists for aesthetic purposes. Here are some ways you can use a low fence to add beauty to your yard.

1. Surround Your Garden

Surrounding your vegetable or flower garden with a low fence will help create a defined border between your yard and the garden. The fence will keep the space looking tidy even when you have not edged the garden in far too long. This feature will also keep you from accidentally slipping up and tilling part of your lawn when you work the garden.
White picket fences lend a classic look to gardens, but a low split-rail fence creates a rustic look if that's what you prefer. Lattice fencing is another good option, especially if you want to plant vining plants and allow them to climb the fence. If you make sure the fence is at least two feet tall, it will provide the added benefit of keeping rabbits out. 

2. Designate a Grilling Area

If you do a lot of grilling, why not create a designated grilling area in your backyard? Have a concrete pad poured, and surround the pad with a low fence. A low fence will allow you to see into the grilling area from the rest of the yard. Wrought iron fencing works well for this purpose because it won't be bothered by heat from the grill. Echo the black color of the fencing with black patio furniture.

3. Create a Front Yard Border

Does your front yard look a little bland? Consider putting a length of low fencing straight across the front of your yard. If there's a walkway leading from the sidewalk to your front door, include a gate across that walkway — or just have the fence stop at the walkway and continue on the other side. A low fence breaks up a large back yard and creates visual interest without blocking the view of your porch and front flower beds from the street.
A low picket fence looks lovely in a front yard, but you may also want to consider a wrought iron fence if your home has a stately, traditional look.

4. Provide a Backdrop for Garbage Bins and Accessories

If your garbage bins, snow shovel and other various outdoor items always look like they're sloppily laid in a corner, consider putting up a short section of low fencing to one side of your home. You can place all of the garbage bins and accessories against it, creating a more organized look.
Brown vinyl or natural wood fencing works well for this purpose because it won't look as dirty if splashed with slush or mud from your snow shovel or other equipment.

5. Isolate a Play Space

If you are tired of having kids' toys scattered around the whole yard, use a low fence to designate a play area. Allow your kids to play with their toys only in this area. The rest of your yard will stay toy-free and tidy, making lawn care easier. Plus, you can see over the low fence from anywhere in the yard, enabling you to keep an eye on the kids.
A fence does not have to be tall to be beautiful, and sometimes the most beautiful fences are shorter ones that you can easily peer over. Use the ideas above for inspiration, and contact Quality Fence Company to learn more about our low fence options.