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Chain-Link Fencing May Work for Your Home After All

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Many great residential fence materials are available today. Wood has a gorgeous, natural look, and you can't beat the low-maintenance requirements of vinyl.

The popularity of these products has made many homeowners steer away from chain-link fencing, since this material doesn’t seem to offer as many advantages as pressure-treated wood or high-end PVC. However, chain-link fencing does still have a place in the residential market. Here are five reasons it may work for your home after all.

1. Chain-Link Fencing Is Budget-Friendly

Other types of fencing, like vinyl and wood, can be a substantial investment. If you restrict your options to these higher-end fencing materials but your budget is limited, it may be a few years before you can afford to install your fence of choice. In the meantime, you will have to live without the fence, which depending on your circumstances, may be inconvenient or even unsafe.

Chain-link fencing is a very affordable fencing option, and it does not cost a lot to install either since the installation is quick and easy. With a chain-link fence, you may be able to have a fence put up right now rather than waiting.

2. Chain-Link Fencing Is Low-Maintenance

These days, most people are so busy with work and family obligations that they don't want to waste time maintaining a fence. Vinyl is often touted as the lowest-maintenance fence option, but chain link is pretty low-maintenance, too. When it is new, you don't have to do a thing to maintain it, other than rinse it off once in a while if it gets muddy.

Today's chain-link fences are usually made from galvanized steel, so they do not rust for many years. When the fence does get old and start to rust, you can always replace it rather than struggle to keep it clean and sprayed.

3. Chain-Link Fencing Can Be Modified for Privacy

Does the lack of privacy that a chain-link fence offers concern you? You have options to obscure the view through the chain links. Privacy slats are pieces of plastic that slide between the links, turning your fence into a more solid privacy fence. You can even add them only to specific areas of the fence. Create privacy where your fence faces your neighbor's yard, for example, but leave the fence as-is along the front.

4. Chain-Link Fencing Can Be Made Harder to Climb

As a homeowner, you may be concerned about passersby climbing over your chain-link fence. However, a determined individual can climb over almost any type of fence if they really want to do so. Fortunately, you can deter would-be trespassers or even your own children from climbing the fence. Plant bushes near the base of the fence to make it harder to get close to the fence. Choose pricklier bushes if you're really worried about intruders. 

5. Chain-Link Fencing Comes in Various Colors and Designs

You probably have an image in your mind of stark, metallic chain-link fencing. This style does not offer the warm look most people want for their yard. However, not all chain-link fencing is metallic and gray. Vinyl-coated chain link comes in a range of colors, including neutral black and white. If you choose to add privacy slats to the fence, these will also soften its appearance.

Chain link fencing is not for everyone, but it does still have a place in the residential market. If you're looking for an affordable and low-maintenance fence, there are ways to get around the privacy and security limits of chain link. Contact Quality Fence Company to learn more about chain-link fencing or to request a quote.