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Types of Farm Fencing to Consider

If you own animals for commercial use, you may want to make sure that they are properly secured. Getting the right type of farm fencing can help ensure the safety of your livestock. 

Woven Wire 

Woven wire fences typically consist of wooden poles placed approximately fifteen feet apart that hold wires woven in a vertical and horizontal manner. This type of fence can work well since the size of your animals can determine the height of your fence. For example, cows would need taller fences than chickens. 

Barbed Wire 

Barbed wire fences are similar to woven wire fences, except that they usually contain sharp edges on the wires. This type of fence can be good for livestock that can be more aggressive and attempt to escape. Another benefit is that it may keep predators, who may try to capture your livestock, out. 

Electric Fences

For the best deterrent and protection, electric fences may be best. Since any animal trying to escape or enter the enclosure may be shocked, you can be ensured that your livestock will usually be contained in the designated area. 
The type of fence you get should typically demands on the ability and willingness of your livestock in trying to escape or the presence of wild animals going after your livestock. In order to learn more about farm fencing, call Quality Fence Company at 423-825-0513.