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Understanding the Benefits of a Wood Privacy Fence

private wooden fence
Installing a fence may seem like an overwhelming project, but it can be physically, emotionally, and financially rewarding. Not only does it add a bit of security and appeal to your home, but it can also increase your home's total value.
As a matter of fact, installing a solid fence, such as a wood privacy fence, can offer you a 50 percent return on your investment. Of course, knowing which type of fence your home and family needs can be challenging.
Wood privacy fences are one of the most popular choices for a variety of reasons. If you are considering a fence, use this guide and your contractor's help to understand the real benefits of choosing wood for your fencing needs.


One of the most important benefits of wood over other materials is that it is a versatile option. You can choose from a few different kinds of wood and paint or stain colors.
In addition, wood can be cut in a variety of styles, widths, and heights, allowing you to create a custom look suited to your needs, style, and budget.
On average, privacy fences should be between 6 and 8 foot tall. However, you can add a bit of decorative appeal to this standard fence installation.
Consider adding a layer of lattice to the top of your fence or cutting the top of standard fence boards into a scalloped design. A tall picket style is also a great look to consider for your backyard fence.
Apply a clear coat of sealant to your fence to keep the natural look of your wood. You can also paint the fence in a classic white color or apply a water-resistant stain in a deep walnut tone.
With all the different woods and installation styles, wood privacy fences offer the most versatility.


Other than vinyl panels, wood is your best option for creating privacy.
Chain-link and wrought iron fencing may help you enclose your backyard space to protect your children and pets. However, these materials are not capable of creating privacy. Also, chain link and wrought iron fencing are installed at shorter heights, meaning they will not offer much in terms of security, either.
Tall wood fence panels will enclose your space, protecting children and pets while deterring criminals from your property. Plus, the taller fence panels will keep your outdoor space private, allowing you a bit of freedom while blocking the views of nosey neighbors and passersby.


Wrought iron and vinyl may be the most durable materials for your fence, but wood offers an intense durability that is more affordable than the other options.
The exact life span of your fence will depend on a few factors including maintenance and the type of wood used to create your fence.
Opting for premium-grade, pressure-treated wood is ideal because the wood will be high quality and offer the most attractive look. Premium-grade wood may be more expensive, but the higher quality and appearance ensures you are making a smart investment.
Pine, fir, and spruce woods are most common because they are both affordable and durable options. Cedar and cypress are also excellent woods for your fence. Both contain oils that naturally repel insects, reducing the risk of infestations that can damage your fence.
Redwood is the most durable wood. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive wood. Because of its price, many homeowners choose to use redwood on the main fence panels but opt for a less expensive wood for the fence posts.
From privacy and security to added appeal and an increased home value, the benefits of a wood privacy fence are easy to see. To learn more about creating privacy with a wood fence or other fencing needs, contact the Quality Fence Company today.