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What to Consider When You Install a New Fence

Newly Installed Iron Fence
Installing a new fence in your yard can add beauty, style, and security. However, you have many types of fences from which to choose, so finding the perfect one for you can seem overwhelming. If you aren't sure which type of fence is right for you, check out these various features and aspects you must consider when choosing your new fence.

Security and Protection

First, you should know what you need your fence to do, such as security and protection. You may want to keep strangers from entering your yard or you may want to keep young children and pets from getting out of the yard.
If your main goals are security and protection, you have several choices of fencing, including tall and solid wooden or vinyl fences. Chain-link fences are also great at keeping in small animals without letting predators inside. Finally, make sure to choose a gate that is easy for you to open, but that strangers or children can't access well.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

If you want privacy, many security fences are also great for privacy because they tend to be tall and solid. However, a chain-link fence would not offer much privacy nor noise reduction. For example, even if you put slats in the fence, people may easily be able to see through or over the fence.
Noise reduction is another feature many homeowners want, especially if you live near a loud highway. You have two options for noise reduction: sound deflection and sound attenuation. Deflection is the best for creating a quiet yard, but it is also expensive. Attenuation is simply lowering the intensity of the sound.
For noise reduction, your fence should have full coverage, be dense to absorb noise, and should be close to the sound.

Height of the Fence

In many cities, they have limits to how high your fence can be, so know how tall your fence can be. In most cases, the fence in the backyard can be taller than the fence in the front yard. However, height limits still exist to prevent abstracted vision for drivers and your neighbors. You may be able to get a special permit to build a higher backyard fence if you are close to a lot of noise, such as an airport.
While this isn't usually a problem in the backyard, this can be problematic if you want a taller fence in the front yard. For example, if you have a lot of noise in your front yard, you may want a tall fence to block the sound. Since this may be illegal, however, you'll have to find different ways to block sound, such as using a low, thick, and dense stone fence.

Materials, Cost, and Maintenance

Finally, you'll need to choose the material you want, but don't just choose the most attractive material. Consider the cost and level of maintenance required to keep the fence looking great. For example, a chain-link fence may cost you only about $3 to $6 per linear foot, but a wrought iron-style fence may be closer to $20 to $100 or more per linear foot.
For many homeowners, this makes wrought iron fencing an impossible choice. Plus, some materials, including wrought iron and wood, require a lot of maintenance. Chain-link fences and vinyl fences, however, require little attention to keep them looking good. With any fence, of course, you'll want to keep it well-protected to prevent rot or rust.
With an excellent fence, you may be able to reduce noise and boost security. If you are ready to replace your old, worn fence or simply install your first fence, let us help you. Contact us today at Quality Fence Company.