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Why Have Vinyl Fences Become So Popular?

Kids on the fence
Take a drive through your neighborhood, and you will likely notice that many of the neighbors have vinyl fencing in their yards. This fence material has become more and more popular in recent decades, with many homeowners choosing vinyl over more traditional options like wood or wrought iron. And that increase in popularity is happening for good reason. Here's a look at five reasons why vinyl fencing has become a mainstay in residential areas.
Vinyl Shows Little Wear as It Ages
The look of your landscaping has such an impact on your land value and even on the value of your neighbors' homes. If you have a wooden fence that's beginning to show wear after a few years, the chipped paint and slanted posts may bring down your property value and make your yard look less pristine. This is far less of an issue with vinyl fencing, which does not rot, mold, or rust as it ages. A vinyl fence will stay looking like new for decades. 
Vinyl Doesn't Require Sealing or Staining
These days, people are paying closer attention to the products they use and their impact on health and the environment. Many of the stains and paints used on wood and metal fences give off VOCs and other compounds that are not great for the planet or for your overall health. You can find earth-friendly versions of these products, but it's an expensive chore at best.
Vinyl fencing does not require sealing, staining, or painting, so you don't have to expose yourself or your family members to chemicals at all. Plus, you don't have to spend time on upkeep as vinyl fencing is practically maintenance-free.
Vinyl Is Constructed From Solid, Colored Material
Most types of fencing are painted to give them their final color. As these fences age, the paint flakes off, which not only makes the fence look disheveled but also leaves paint chips on the ground for kids, pets, and nearby animals to access. Vinyl fencing is colored all of the way through, so its color never wears off and there are no flakes left behind as it ages.
Vinyl Is Safe for Kids
If you have kids, you probably know how much they love climbing fences and sticking their heads where they don't belong. Kids can fall off when climbing a fence, get their head caught between bars on a wrought iron fence, or even scrape themselves on a rough edge of a wooden fence.
Vinyl privacy fences are nearly impossible to climb — if your child does play on them, the surfaces are smooth so you don't have to be worried about cuts and abrasions. Even if you do not have kids yourself, it's important to take safety into account if you plan on selling your home. Home buyers with kids will be pleased to buy a home with a safe vinyl fence, so it may increase your home value.
Doesn't Crack or Break Easily
Nobody likes making repairs after a storm blows through town. While vinyl fencing is not impervious to storm damage, it is less likely to sustain damage than other types of fencing, such as wood. This is because vinyl is flexible — it will bend a little when the wind hits it rather than just cracking or snapping. Vinyl is also less likely to crack if a branch falls on it or hits it.
If you are looking for the perfect fence for your backyard, be sure to consider vinyl as an option. There's a good reason why it's becoming so popular: it works. Contact Quality Fence Company to learn more about our vinyl fencing colors and designs.